Red Dragon - Das Abrechnungsprogramm für das Brettspiel Mah-Jongg  
Red Dragon
Calculation program for the
board game of Mahjong
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Do you play Mahjong? The real game of Mahjong, that wonderful unique Chinese board game of Mahjong? If so, you know how laborious, time-consuming and error-prone the complex calculation of the game points can be.

Red Dragon is an easy-to-use, reliable and fast tool for tracking / calculating game results.
Red Dragon is based on the classical rules of the German Mah-Jongg League. However, the integrated, unique Rule-Manager makes customisation easy, and the program can be adapted to other (home) rules very quickly.
Red Dragon eliminates the need to have to work everything out. It does it for you thus allowing you to concentrate on playing and formulating a winning strategy.
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