Red Dragon - Das Abrechnungsprogramm für das Brettspiel Mah-Jongg  

Red Dragon
Calculation program for the
board game of Mahjong

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Whatever game you play, the first step to becoming a better player is to admit to yourself that there are leaks in your strategy. No matter how good you are at playing Mahjong, you should always analyze your game after every session. When doing so, a calculation program like this comes in handy. Instead of taking notes during the game, this tool will do a lot of the calculations and present you with invaluable pointers on how to improve. No player plays games of skill perfectly all the time, but all successful players try to do so.
Main window - entry of hands:

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Detailed view of calculation results:
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Old and new scores:
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Details of point distribution:
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Game settings (names, scores, Winds, round scores option):
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Display of Special Hands sample:
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Penalty catalogue
(Selection and assignment of penalty points):
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(Starting point for all customisation):
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(Customisation of values for limits, basic points and doublings):
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(Customisation of terms used by the program):
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Special Hand - Editor
(Customisation of Special Hands and samples of Special Hands):
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(Customisation of Mahjong bonuses):
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(Customisation of penalties)
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Optional manual input
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