Red Dragon - Das Abrechnungsprogramm für das Brettspiel Mah-Jongg  

Red Dragon
Calculation program for the
board game of Mahjong

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Simple and easy entry of game results

All you need to do is select the relevant sets, pairs and bonus tiles of each player's hand, just as they lay on the playing table. Red Dragon does the rest automatically, interpreting the sets, calculating the points in each hand and keeping score.

The program recognises if a player has made Mahjong. It knows if a selected Wind is the player's own and/or the prevailing Wind. It detects own Flowers and Seasons, Hands of Suite, Hand of Chows, Hands of Pungs and Hands of Kongs.
Red Dragon will help you to avoid making mistakes entering game results. The program checks whether a set is possible in the context of the other players' hands. For example, if you select a Pung of Red Dragons for one player, no other Red Dragon sets or pairs will be accepted.
Automatic passing of deals and changing of Winds
The prevailing Wind and the current Wind of each player are displayed, and changed automatically. If necessary, a change of Winds can be triggered manually as well.
Red Dragon can be easily adapted to many individual (home) rules and terms. Via the Rule-Manager, you can change the calculation method, values, terms, bonuses, Special Hands and penalties that the program is to use. Each of these sets are customisable. Individual sets can be created.
Two calculation methods
Red Dragon can handle two calculation methods: All players receive points or only the winner receives points. In the first case, all players account for their differences after the winner is awarded his/her points.
Round option
Scores can be rounded up or down to the next 10 points.
New: optional manual input
The scores and doublings calculated by Red Dragon can be modified manually. Thus it is possible to cover game situations which the program does not recognise (e.g. doublings for cleared hands of non-winners). Experienced players use this possibility to enter the hand points directly.
Flexible limits
Upper and lower limits can be freely defined. Playing with no upper limit is possible.
Flexible default values
All default values for basic points and doublings can be customised.
Flexible terms
Chow, Pung and Kong - or Chi, Pong and Kang? Balls, Bamboos and Characters - or Dots, Sticks and Wan? Or even other terms? There are a wide variety of Mahjong terms that appear different but mean the same thing. You can teach Red Dragon to use terms that are familiar to you.
Selection and display of Special Hands
Special Hands can be easily selected from a list. For each Special Hand you can have a sample displayed. There are several predefined lists of Special Hands available according to different rules. The sets of Special Hands that come with the program can be adapted and extended individually. You can define Special Hands using either absolute points or a factor relative to the upper limit.
Selection of penalties
Applicable penalties can easily be selected from a penalty catalogue. It's also possible to enter penalty points directly. Penalty points that are subtracted from a player's score can be credited to one or several other players. There are several predefined lists of penalties available according to different rules. The set of penalties that comes with the program can also be adapted and extended.
Selection of Mahjong bonuses
Applicable Mahjong bonuses can be selected from a list likewise. There are several predefined lists of bonuses available according to different rules. The set of bonuses that comes with the program can similarly be adapted and extended. For each bonus you can define basic points and a doubling factor.
Detailed view of calculation steps
The points of each player's hand are calculated and displayed. An optional view shows the calculation steps in full detail. The old and new scores of each player are shown in an overview chart. Payments between players can also be displayed in detail (from who to whom, and how much). New scores can be previewed before being accepted.
Use during ongoing games
Games that have been started without Red Dragon can be continued using the assistance of the program at any point in play. Simply by entering the current scores and settings, Red Dragon recognises the state of play and is on hand for the rest of the game (including change of Winds).
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