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Calculation program for the
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MCR Scoring Sheet
Mahjong Competition Rules - Scoring Sheet

MCR Scoring Sheet is a software for Windows for keeping scores of Mahjong games played by Mahjong Competition Rules (MCR aka CO)
- easy-to-use and error-free.

You would still have to calculate the hand points of each game by yourself, but then simply enter the result and define just by click who won and who discarded the winning tile or if it was self picked.

MCR Scoring Sheet calculates the points for all players, sums them up and determines the table (match) points. In addition it counts how often each player called "hu" or discarded the winning tile.

A seat rotation scheme helps you to take the right seats in each round.

After each recalculation, the results are saved. If you create a new file for each match you get a game history and are able to access previous match results at any time.

Mahjong Competition Rules - Scoring Sheet

MCR Scoring Sheet provides detailed statistics which you can use to publish your tournament or playing round results:

MCR Scoring Sheet - Statistics

Various sorting options and filters give you many possibilities to create your own individual statistic.

A team summary report can be created with just one click.

Statistics can be saved as HTML files or printed directly. You can publish the HTML files in the internet without any further editing.

Example of a statistic HTML file >>>

Warranty exclusion

This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied. In no event shall Stephan Hilchenbach be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of or inability to use this software.

Download of MCR Scoring Sheet

MCR Scoring Sheet is free.

Simply download MCR Scoring Sheet ZIP-archive (700 kB), unzip it and run the contained file mcr_scoring.exe.

No installation required.

Latest version:

The file is checked for viruses at the latest state.

Download MCR Scoring Sheet (700kB)

Version history

Fix: Error when creating first player. (Error message: Couldn't write in player.ini.)
Fix: Existing player names cannot be overwritten any longer.
New: Statistics can be edited now.
New: Replaced MP/G value by "rated MP/G" (Consideration of changeable minimum number of games for the calculation of that value; multiplication by 1000 to get better looking results.)

Version Statistics extended by Games/Points ratio.
Version Player administration and statistics added.
Version Application of penalty points now possible.

How to use MCR Scoring Sheet

Please choose "Info" - "How to use" in the program to call up some instructions about how to use MCR Scoring Sheet.

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