Red Dragon - Das Abrechnungsprogramm für das Brettspiel Mah-Jongg  

Red Dragon
Calculation program for the
board game of Mahjong

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License agreement
For the freeware
"Red Dragon - calculation program for the board game of Mahjong"
© 2003-2013 by Stephan Hilchenbach
All rights reserved.
Please read the following conditions of the license carefully before installation or distribution. The use, distribution, copying or installation of this software relies on agreement to the conditions of this license. If you do not agree with any part of the licensing conditions, you may not install, use, copy or distribute this software.
Producer and owner of the software rights is Mr. Stephan Hilchenbach.
1. Object of the agreement
  1.1. The object of the agreement is the right of use of the computer program „Red Dragon“ as a calculation program for the board game of Mahjong, as well as the documentation to the program (user instructions / helpline / handbook). The object is from henceforth known as the „software”.
  1.2. Written agreement is required before the acquisition of ownership of the software or of any further rights thereto.
  1.3. The following conditions do not apply for additional services such as installation, integration or adaption of the software to individual requirements.
2. Limitations of use
  2.1. The use of the software is prohibited on computers or systems with administrative, time-dependent and/or control and supervisory functions where life, physical capability, health or the support thereof may be affected.
  2.2. Furthermore, the private or commercial use of the software is prohibited in games played for money, material or personal gain, especially in situations conducive to compulsive behaviour patterns.
3. Extent of the license
  3.1. Free version
    I. The user is granted the right to use the software free of charge. There is no time limit.

II. The installation of the software on one or more PCs or networks and its further distribution remain unlimited.

    III. It is not permitted to distribute the software or copies thereof
- for service charge or donation
- for rent.
    IV. The software may not be altered, analysed or decompiled in any way by the present user or third person.
The distribution together with other products on all forms of data medium requires my written agreement. I retain the right to revoke the distribution of the software at any time and without given reason.
    V. All additional user rights not specifically granted in this agreement belong exclusively to Stephan Hilchenbach. I retain the right to revoke the distribution of the software at any time and without given reason.
Furthermore I reserve the right to sell the ownership of the software to a third party. In this case all of my previous rights and obligations in this agreement become the rights and obligations of the new owner.
4. Reproduction
  4.1. The software as well as all pertinent written material are owned by me, and are protected through copyright laws, international covenants and further national rights. The copyright qualifiers and registration numbers contained in the software may not be altered or removed. A reproduction of complementary documentation or additional relevant material is not allowed.
  4.2. The program documentation is available for any eventuality as online help. A printout of the documentation is permissable only for personal use.
5. Warranty exclusion
  This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied. In no event shall Stephan Hilchenbach be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of or inability to use this software.
  Please note: Given the current state of technology we cannot guarantee that the software will be compatible with all application conditions.
  The software is checked for viruses using a current virus protection program before availability. This also applies for updates. All security scans have found no evidence that the software itself contains potentially insecure functions.
6. Protection rights
  6.1. The software and accompanying documentation, including hand book and helpline, are copyright protected.
  6.2. In the case that a third person claims against the user for violation of protection rights of another copyright through the delivered software and thereby use of the software is impaired or prohibited, the following conditions apply:

The owner has the free choice against personal costs to either change or replace the software in such a way that the previously mentioned protection rights are not damaged. However, the replacement product shall include all contractually agreed functions and capabilities.

Alternatively, the user will be made exempt from any further license fees for the use of the software.

If the above given options prove to be inapplicable, the owner will inform the user forthwith and from that given moment use of the software will be prohibited. The user is then obligated to delete the software from his system and to destroy all documentation and copies thereof. In this case a partial restitution of the license fee may be deemed appropriate.
  6.3. The conditions for the owner liability according to paragraph 6.2 are that a user:

I - immediately informs the owner of third person claims
II – does not personally accept alleged copyright damages
III – refrains from any form of claim agreement including any out-of-court settlements unless given express written permission by the owner

If the user decides to suspend the use of the software in order to limit potential damage claims or with respect to other factors, he is then obliged to inform the third person that the suspension in no way represents a recognition of alleged copyright damages.
  6.4. Should the user be personally responsible for any copyright damages, no claims against the owner are valid.
  6.5. Further user claims of copyright damages from third persons against the owner are excluded. This exclusion is not valid in the case of premeditation, gross negligence, physical injury or endangerment of life.
Ronnenberg, Germany, 2009-01-01
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    © 2003-2013 by Stephan Hilchenbach