Red Dragon - Das Abrechnungsprogramm für das Brettspiel Mah-Jongg  
Red Dragon
Calculation program for the
board game of Mahjong
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MCR Scoring Sheet
Special thanks to:
Uwe Martens (Rules advisor & beta-tester)
DraSan'Nitti (Logo designer)
Nicoletta Russi (Webdesign advisor)
Wraye Wenigmann (Translator GB)
and also to:
Rob Bakker (Beta-tester)
Marco Dannehl (Beta-tester)
Mike Farrant (Beta-tester)
Norbert Heim (Beta-tester)
Boris Kanounnikov (Beta-tester)
Laurent Roger (Beta-tester)
Manuel Simones Matos (Beta-tester)
Christopher Rammensée (Beta-tester)
Monika Waletzki (Beta-tester)
Walter Wlodarski (Beta-tester)
... and to all not listed here whose support made this project possible.

The Red Dragon logo
was created by
Silver Dragon Studio.

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